Joaquín Schmidt

“My philosophy is to cook for 30 friends every day”

Joaquín Schmidt. Noviembre 1993

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[The consumption of dreams and other unconscious substances is permitted on these premises]

Joan Verdú

More than 80 people attend the opening of the Benja Carreres exhibition "Objeto cotidiano". THANK YOU!

Last Sunday, June 12, the Benja Carreres exhibition was inaugurated at the Joaquín Schmidt Restaurant. "A space with a soul", as defined by those attending the event. Two great friends who evoke art and gastronomy organized and coordinated small groups to visit the exhibition.
The heat did not exhaust the friends, so the attendance was a complete success. Benja and Joaquín appreciate your delicacy and the time spent.
The exhibition can be visited until July 30 (Wednesday and Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.). We wait for you.
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The music keeps playing

There are passions that do not change. Music is very important in everything I do and every day I choose a song.

Give Dinner of the Senses. Next events June 25th.

Be an accomplice to a unique sensory experience and give away a great culinary story with unique moments full of unexpected sensations that diners will never forget. The first thing is to close your eyes and let your senses flow. Or almost all the senses.
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Illustrated book El viatge de l’esfinx, by the artist Joan Verdú

El viatge de l’esfinx is a story written and drawn by the artist Joan Verdú in 1989, which was never published. The beginning of the story takes place in a real location in the city of Valencia. The entrance to the Pont de Fusta is escorted by two stone sphinxes, one on each side. For sale the book with seventeen images that contain the characteristic color range of the Mediterranean Sea, the real and the imagined.
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Dramatic reading 38502B (2th July 2022)

Domingo Chinchilla, Quique Culebras and Ana Campos perform in this dramatic reading of a play written by Domingo himself. Afterwards, guests will enjoy a superb food tasting experience provided by Joaquín Schmidt. A perfect combination of dramatic art, cuisine, and good conversation. Limited seating.
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Gustavo Clemente interviews our friend, former soccer player Jara. The implausible goal

I visited Joaquín Schmidt's restaurant when I was 10 years old. I remember that a world of stimuli opened in my mind and that, since I returned with my partner 15 years ago, it is the place where I am happiest.
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Ne me quitte pas

"Ne me quitte pas
Ne me quitte pas
Ne me quitte pas
Ne me quitte pas"
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