Joaquín Schmidt

«My philosophy is to cook for 30 friends every day»

Joaquín Schmidt. November 1993

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[The consumption of dreams and other unconscious substances is permitted on these premises]

Joan Verdú

Rest in peace, friend

Sento Aleixandre, along with his wife, Mari, have been the soul of Ca Sento, a clear example of the best Valencian cuisine. He has passed away at age 72.

The music keeps playing (January 1, 2021)

There are passions that do not change. Music is very important in everything I do and every day I choose a song.

Give dreams, give dinner of the senses (January 15th and 16th)

Be an accomplice of a unique sensory experience and give away a great culinary story with unforgettable moments full of unexpected sensations that diners will never forget. The first thing is to close your eyes and let your senses flow. Or almost all the senses. Next Dinner of the Senses, January 15th and 16th.
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Domingo Chinchilla reads at the restaurant (26th January)

For over 20 years, Domingo Chinchilla has seduced diners reciting poetry and literary texts over dinner.

Dramatic reading 38502B (20th February 2021)

Domingo Chinchilla, Quique Culebras and Ana Campos perform in this dramatic reading of a play written by Domingo himself. Afterwards, guests will enjoy a superb food tasting experience provided by Joaquín Schmidt. A perfect combination of dramatic art, cuisine, and good conversation. Limited seating.
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Benja Carreres’ exhibition returns (21st March 2021)

Which objects will have a second life? In April 2020, an exhibition by Valencian sculptor Benja Carreres was “cooked up” but could not be "served" due to COVID-19. We took our first steps, nonetheless. (Interview on EsRadio).
One year later than originally planned, Carreres will salvage those recycled materials to give them a second life.
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Riccardo Muti at the New Year's Concert from Vienna: "Music is a mission"

"Musicians have flowers as weapons in this room, not instruments of death. Music is important not because it is entertainment, it is not only a profession but a mission."
New Year's Concert 2021. Viennese Philharmonic Orchestra.

Old utensils come to life on the new website of the Valencian sculptor Benja Carreres

Old objects condemned to be part of a junkyard are resurrected in a second life thanks to the creativity of Benja Carreres. A website, which is the home of a rooster, a cook, a queen, an octopus and even Don Quixote, shows us the beauty of things.
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Cooking classes

Certain things are here to stay. Following this new situation, our cooking classes will be held on-line. If you would like to attend a class or treat someone to one, contact us via email (soon we will expand information).
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