Joaquín Schmidt

“My philosophy is to cook for 30 friends every day”

Joaquín Schmidt. Noviembre 1993

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Joan Verdú

Abraham García, Juan Colomer and Joaquín Schmidt cook with six hands. “El baúl de la Piquer” (limited places): Valencia in Madrid (January 9 at 8:00 p.m.)

Next January 9 we will offer a dinner at the Viridiana Restaurant in Madrid, directed by Abraham García. “The best chef in the world” according to DiverXO chef Dabiz Muñoz, who learned his passion for the trade within the walls of this restaurant. (Menu coming soon).
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Wednesday "Cocido Madrileño", weather permitting (by reservation only)

"..and now I am going to prove that the cause of all our ills is in the stew." (Benito Pérez Galdós in The Forbidden).
Price: €40 + VAT (all included).

Treat yourself or give away Dinner of the Senses, FULL 17 and 18 February. Reservations available on February 19.

Become an accomplice in a unique sensory experience and give away a great culinary story with unique moments full of unexpected sensations that diners will never forget. The first thing is to close your eyes and let your senses flow. Or almost all the senses.
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València inaugurates the Plaza de Paco Bascuñán

The initiative was born from the impulse of MacDiego, who "presided over" an emotional event that brought together approximately a hundred people who saw, to applause, how the plaque that dressed a corner of Valencia in honor of Bascuñán was placed.
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Music 2023

“Life without music would simply be a mistake”

There are passions that do not change. Music is very important in everything I do and every day I choose a song.
This is my selection for 2023:

Cooking courses with Joaquín Schmidt are back

We come back with a lot of desire to have a good time so don't forget to bring a notepad so you don't miss any step. I will cook two dishes and an agile dessert to later enjoy them together at the table.
— Day: Date pending.
— Start time: 10:30 a.m.
— Price: €60 + 10% VAT (food included).
— Contact via email:
Punctuality is requested.

Dramatized reading 38502B. Next date shortly.

Domingo Chinchilla, together with Quique Culebras and Ana Campos, will dramatize a theatrical reading written by Domingo himself. Then you will enjoy a tasting at the hands of Joaquín Schmidt. A perfect marriage between theatre, cooking and good conversation. Limited places.
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Winter Time

Open: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
Closed: from Sunday to Tuesday.
Happy Winter!
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Ne quitte pas

"Don't take me away" Don't take me away
Don't take me away
Don't quit me"