Joaquin Smichdt y Benja Carreres
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OBJETO COTIDIANO. More than 80 people attend the inauguration.

What objects go on to a second life? In April 2020, an exhibition by the Valencian sculptor Benja Carreres was "cooked" but was not "plated" due to COVID19. Two years later than initially planned, Carreres rescues these recycled materials to give them a second life.

Benja Carreres's sculptures are surprising seamless assemblies, made from recycled materials and obsolete objects that, in his hands, acquire new visions and meanings, with humor and irony.

His works play with the viewer's imagination by recognizing everyday objects out of place, such as old kitchen utensils, implements, tools...

The exhibition talks about forgotten objects that rebel and become aware, that empower themselves and flee their kitchens and storage rooms, free themselves and take new paths to tell us their best stories.

From June 12 to July 30, you can visit the exhibition in the restaurant (Wednesday and Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.)..