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Illustrated book El viatge de l’esfinx, by the artist Joan Verdú

El viatge de l’esfinx is the story of a transformation. Bored with her recumbent and immobile condition, a stone sphinx decides, one fine day, to fly away and embark on an initiatory journey that will take her through the landscapes and times that make up the culture of the Mediterranean. From Valencia to Egypt, passing through the Balearic Islands, Italy and Greece, the colors and sensations derived from these places will make you feel like a living sphinx, and never again a stone and immobilized figure. El viatge de l’esfinx reflects a search for the origin that is, finally, the encounter with itself.

Information of interest:
— 22.5 x 27 cm
— 40 pages
— Interior: Color
— Language: Valencià
— Cover: Silkscreen on cardboard
— Joan Verdú (Alzira, 1959 - Alginet, 2017)

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Amount: € 25