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Gustavo Clemente interviews our friend, former soccer player Jara. The implausible goalbarra

Where I reconnect with my essence and with that of others, because what I feel there only makes me want to be at peace with the world.
Proof of this feeling is that Joaquín suggested that one day I interview his neighbor on former soccer player Vicente Anastasio Jara, as a tribute.
A few months passed and we managed to make the meeting a reality. In the company of his wife and his daughters we live an endearing recording.
At 80, the face of the mythical Paraguayan Valencia CF player lit up as he remembered his childhood and his great moments of glory, such as the goal he scored in the 1967 Copa del Rey final against Athletic. A goal that the chroniclers of the time defined as 'implausible', due to the difficulty in the execution, when the ball was already leaving the bottom line and that Jara managed to hit with such an effect, that he surpassed the mythical goalkeeper Iríbar, the best in Spain at the time.
A goal that makes Jara's face change when he remembers it and that he still dreams of. In the same way that the interviewer does with his first visit to Joaquín Schmidt when he was 10 years old. Magic is like that. Unbelievable.

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