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Loles Salvador, a woman dear to my family, passes away

Loles Salvador has died, at the age of 83, at his home in Rincón de Ademuz. This was announced by Javier de Andrés himself, in a message in which he highlighted "he has left us love, courage, dignity, generosity, talent, elegance, beauty. Infinite teachings, infinite gratitude."

We also remember the beautiful words that our friend Jesús Trelis dedicated to him in Las Provincias: "Goodbye to the white lady."
Every brushstroke of Loles's voice had light, a glow of optimism. That made her life, full of sacrifices and hard work, love and passion for cooking, tenacity and dedication for her family, filled with emotion. She lived it that way. "Take aim," she told me the first time I interviewed her. "I grew old thinking it was worth it; I would start over and change nothing."
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One of the times that Jesús Trelis sat with Loles Salvador, this beautiful interview appeared on his blog "Stories with an apron": At the table with mom: Loles Salvador and the rebirth of La Sucursal (Sunday, March 24, 2019).
"She walks 15 kilometers a day, feeds the bees and entertains herself by making pickles. She is the mother of Valencian gastronomy who, at 80, happily contemplates the rebirth of La Sucursal. She is Loles Salvador."
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