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Potato Verdú Schmidt

It is a tribute to Joan Verdú based on his work BIG POTATO WITH HOLES, which was inspired by the way his friend, chef Joaquín Schmidt, treated potatoes. Through these “forats” a connection was created between chef and artist and Schmidt has not hesitated to gather a group of friends to carry out “a pending account that we had with Verdú. It is a tribute to friendship,” says the chef. More than fifty collaborators among friends, photographers, journalists, actors, sculptors, illustrators, writers, publicists, painters, poets and those interested in artistic creation remember the humor, graphic surrealism and existential popism of the artist.

The man who runs

Work from 2005, unpublished until today, where Verdú manages to make a comic become a reflection of his artistic career. There are no words, just a man running through abstract and undefined spaces in which he finds shapes, objects and people. “The man who runs finds his work, his influences and his passions, but he finds love, fun, fear and illness as Verdú did, knowing that life is just a game of chance in which the dice are tricked”, writes Álvaro Pons in the book.
There are 46 pages, like the usual Franco-Belgian albums, that summarize an existence dedicated to creation, from the perspective of a mischievous child who has fun breaking schemes, but also from that of a genius who knew that only laughing at this life It is what makes us understand it.


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