Joaquín Schmidt

«Success for me is not having a full restaurant»

the restaurant


Joaquín Schmidt

An old vinyl as a plate. This one is by Alfred Brendel. Piano Sonata No. 17 in D Minor Op. 31. 'The Tempest’. Beethoven. Everything in here has a touch of surrealism and magic that surrounds the chef with his black shirts and white hair, his gentle eyes and eternal smile. Xoel López plays in the background. Sometimes it is Édith Piaf, and sometimes The Beatles or Zaz. There is room for all of them. But what is certain is that there will always be music. Music in all its variations. Just like Joaquin: open-minded, free, unconstrained. Just like his cuisine and his restaurant; the way he lives and thinks. Between el Bulli and Viridiana; between the Mediterranean, Paris, and Berlin; between nostalgia and fresh creativity; between the intimate and the universal. Because, even if time leaves its mark, Joaquin never ceases to reinvent himself, to get excited, to be passionate about things... He does not compromise; he does not give up on being happy. Happy in his own way: with an apron, among tables and with the friends who sit around them. Actually, anyone who walks into his restaurant instantly becomes his friend from the moment they step over the threshold and he will treat them as such: foams, spherifications, curried bananas and chocolate with mascletà; oil that is the soul of the olive grove, bread that is truly crusty, perfect cooking, the mastery of the alchemist, the maturity of the child, the sensitivity of the poet who macerates life. It is the menu of a chef who rose, fell, took a deep breath, and started to walk again; relishing his world and his people. An ingenious and resourceful fellow, uncomplicated and unique, intuitive, and personable. He is the boundless dreamer who guards this magical place where a little boy runs along the walls and a cucumber rides a bicycle, with winks to Picasso, Warhol, and Duchamp. In this restaurant a wide-eyed siphon welcomes you, the record player is a baking tray and a giant potato full of holes, painted by his beloved friend Joan, presides over the main dining room. Flavoured moments, poached emotions, and candied generosity. Schmidt, the place where the hen is ArtCrem. Joaquin, the chef who makes music resonate in your palate. An old vinyl as a plate.

Jesus Trelis. July 2020.