Joaquín Schmidt

“Oil that is the soul of the olive grove, bread that is truly crusty”

Jesús Trelis



Gourmand menu 70€ drinks included

(10% VAT not included)

5 courses + dessert

“The discovery of a new dish confers more happiness on humanity than the discovery of a new star. There are enough stars already”.

A. Brillat-Savarin

The Dinner of the Senses is a wonderful gift that the recipient will remember forever. A perfect combination of superb cuisine, dreams, and magic. Limited seating. more details [book]

“Some people have come into this world to make others happier”.

Sara Beltrán

El viatge de l’esfinx is a story written and drawn by the artist Joan Verdú in 1989, which was never published. It makes us recover the freshness of the things that have just been done, of the myths in a phase of change, of the people seized by the colors of an intense sky, the turquoise sea, or their inalienable ideas.
[more details]
Certain things are here to stay. Following this new situation, our cooking classes will be held on-line. If you would like to attend a class or treat someone to one, contact us via email (soon we will expand information). [book]

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