Joaquín Schmidt

«Cooking creates positive stress, a kind of stress that nourishes you»

Abraham García

what we eat


«I'm cooking again as enthusiastically as on the first day»

Joaquin Schmidt, 1st July 2020
Re-opening after confinement due to COVID-19

"Come and join us at this good table and enjoy Joaquin Schmidt's cuisine, where the Mediterranean pulsates through every dish and the finest creations are served.
You are invited to an explosion of flavours and unexpected treats; follow the magical journey of the seasons and discover the most delicate scents on your palate.
Allow yourself to be seduced by the atmosphere and the many wonders. You are in good hands. You can unwind and savour the delicious flavours and the poetic succulence added to the culinary experience.
You will surely treasure a flavourful memory in the unique cruets of your life.

Anonymous quote from "One of the thirty”