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Dramatized reading of 38502B

March 2 and 3, 2024

Being able to read this text in the room of the Joaquín Schmidt restaurant is a dream come true. Seeing those words, written in privacy, come to life generates a childish sensation in me shaken by bursts of pleasure when listening to and saying them. This transforming mirror, which is theater, takes these two characters off the paper to project them to me in the depths of my memory and my experiences.
Being able to read this text with Quique Culebras and Ana Campos del Alcázar is an experience that goes beyond a simple dramatized reading. Our complicity and friendship strengthens after each reading and takes root in our lives intertwined for so long.
Being able to read this text in front of strangers, with whom you can immediately exchange opinions and sensations, is a unique and unrepeatable gift.
Being able to pair this text with Joaquín's cooking is a luxury that I will never forget.
Domingo Chinchilla